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GVT - Gram Vikas Trust - SGF0053Reg no. SGF0053

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Give A Girl A Bicycle - Help Her To Go School

Fund Raiser : Ramesh Kasondra

Fund Raising Goal : INR 900000

Raised so far: INR 0

An organised event : Other Category

Each year these projects provide 150 bicycles to girls in rural coastal Gujarat so they can continue their education. Otherwise they are unable to visit the school because there is no school after 7th std in the village and they have to go nearby villages where higher standard is available which is too far away.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

In our project area which is rural as well as drought prone areas of Bharuch district in Gujarat more than 85% of girls drop out of school after Class 5 & 7. Although school is free, there are no state transport facilities. Transport costs deter rural families from sending girls to school. These families seek a mobile solution to make education a reality for their daughters.

How will this project solve this problem?

In order to offer girls a chance at higher education, we provide bicycles on loan basis i.e. at a 0% interest loan.

Potential Long Term Impact

The girls deserve the chance to go to school; only through education can they become independent and successful, and be released from poverty and repression. As ongoing projects, we try to give 300 bicycles to girls each year, allowing them to continue.
Ramesh Kasondra
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