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Raajendran's Page


OAZOANEReg no. SGF0033

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Help the Poor Destitute People...

Fund Raiser : Raajendran DK

Fund Raising Goal : INR 10000000

Raised so far: INR 0

An organised event : Other Category
Greetings from OAZOANE

Thank you very much for your kind response towards our website donation. We came to know that, you were trying to donate for OAZOANE to provide support to the poor elders and marginalized destitute people. Hope you have got enough information about OAZOANE through our website. our one more website is For your kind information, we are sending the below details.

OAZOANE (The Society for Development of Human Abilities and Environment) is a state level voluntary, development organization of grass root groups to initiate, support and strengthen the community groups in their efforts to solve the micro level problems through community evolved community intended and community propelled actions. It was founded by the band of committed and educated youths bearing the burden of rural masses. The promoters of this Organization were inspired by the Grassroots realities, their exploitation, poverty, disease and the lifelong misery prevalent in rural India.

It has been registered under the society registration act of Tamil Nadu and also registered under the 80G, 12AA, and FCRA and continuously renewed its registration with concerned registration departments.

Home for elderly aged destitute people
OAZOANE is running two homes for elderly aged people at Raajendrapuram comes under Aranthangi Taluk of Pudukkottai district of Tamil Nadu for the past 11 and 9 years respectively for the two homes.
Where, around 65 senior people are getting benefited with food, cloths, shelter, medical facilities and refreshment in a regular basis from the beginning of the homes.
In this context we are also getting donation and contributions from people for managing daily and unexpected expenditure like festival season. So many people are sponsoring food for some days to the poor destitute senior people. We also get donation or kind things from all the prestigious donor people.

Now, at present the people in home are much happy with our service and activities. They are free minded and feeling joy of living in the homes with much enthusiasm.
Joy of living feels by a senior person at home

When Mrs. Pushbavalli was widowed she was left with absolutely nothing. Her husband’s family took the house, she had no money saved up, she had no children to support her, and she had never held a job in her life. Nobody would ready to take care of her and she couldn’t go back her family because she would be considered a failure in her village. Rabia lived day by day in the road side and most of the time resorted to begging. Even though her name Mrs. Pushbavalli means the god who gives food for the world, but she was unable to have at least two meals a day.

In this situation, Mrs. Pushbavalli came to know about Old Age Home at Rajendrapuram running by OAZOANE, she came to our office and met our Secretary and requested to provide her care and support for her as her health condition is not good now. Immediate action was taken by OAZOANE and she was taken to the Old Age Home and gives proper care and support along with necessary medical alignments. Now she is running her life very peacefully and happily at the Old Age Home for Senior Citizens run by OAZOANE.

With Regards,


94/1, Agraharam Street, Aranthangi Taluk,
Pudukkottai District, Tamil Nadu,
South India - 614 616
Mob - 0091 97862 04708
Tel - 0091 4371 270128
Skype - oazoane.oazoane
Mail -
Web -,,
Raajendran DK
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