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Registered Office:

Vakkapati David
Venkata Ramana Colony 1 st Lane
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

Contact Number:

Telephone Number :
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Contact Person:

David Vakkapati

Email Us:



To facilitate social, economical, educational, health and emergency relief and rehabilitation services to the poor and needy without any discrimination.

Who We Are

1. A non-profit NGO that facilitates various developmental activities and is more caring and concerning for poor children and women. 2. It mostly concentrates on the poor children, women, unemployed youth and vulnerable people developmental activities.



1. To give care & support for for orphan children. 2.To strives to reduce child labor and school dropouts by establishing special innovative educational programs. 3. To provide basic education to non-school going children and connect them with main-stream education. 4. To facilitates education and health care for all and equal access to justice and fulfillment of basic needs like food, shelter, safe drinking water and sanitation.

What We Do

To work for the welfare of the orphan children disabled children, destitute children and women, and other deprived sections of society so that lives of many can be changed and they can also live with pride and honour.

How Will Your Donations Help

1. Provide one day meals for the poor students : Rs 1825/- 2. Provide books and study materials for 1 student: Rs 730/- 3. Provide health care & medicines for poor students: Rs 3650/- 4. Provide dress and clothing for one child: Rs 1825/- 5. Provide education of one child: Rs 730/-