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Registered Office:

302,3RD Floor, Tarabhavan,
F:344/1, Lodosarai,
New Delhi-110030
Delhi, INDIA

Contact Number:

Telephone Number :
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Contact Person:

Babu Rao

Email Us:


United Gospel Mission

We are a faith based, community oriented charity organisation, that depends on sole contributions of our well wishers. We are committed to work in issues/projects related to Girl Child, Orphans, Women, Unemployed youth, Drinking water, etc. Currently our Registered & Admin Off is based in New Delhi , having work in 7 needy states of North India.

Who We Are

United Gospel Mission is a faith based Non Profit registered with Government of India as a (Public Trust Act) Organization and is a member of North India Church Mission Association (NICMA). We are working for the downtrodden since 2002, in both urban & rural context.



We are engaged in various social transformation activities/projects like Adult Literacy, Child Development, Women Empowerment, Leadership Training etc, which have benefited hundreds since our inception. Our services are rendered regardless of caste, creed, sex, religion or ethnicity.

What We Do

Our Mission is to Empower the downtrodden lives, leading towards sustainable & meaningful lives

How Will Your Donations Help

The donations will help in various ways , from empowering ordinary women to feeding and clothing of many orphans kids, besides this funds will help many villagers to have safe drinking water.