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Registered Office:

No.5, 2nd Cross, 9th Main, Srinivasareddy Layout,
Ramamurthy Nagar,
Bangalore - 560016
Karnataka, INDIA

Contact Number:

Mobile Number :

Contact Person:

Mrs.Rachel Ravishankar

Email Us:



\"FELICIFIC-SALVE HEARTS\" Is working for poor and needy children in-terms of providing basic needs like Quality Education, Nutritious Food, Medical care, Clothes, Books and other Necessities.

Who We Are

"FELICIFIC-SALVE HEARTS" People for the children. It is striving hard to give basic needs for underprivileged since its inception. As given below: • Food & Clothing • Education & Medical Care • Recreation (Sports & games) • Personality Development • Hope & Confidence • Moral discipline & Etc



OUR AIM: Our Aim is to give quality Education, Food, Clothing, Shelter and Medical care to the children like, SLUM DWELLING CHILDREN, ORPHANS, SEMI ORPAHANS, STREET KIDS, RUNAWAY CHILDREN. ( AND ALSO TO ESTABLISH A SCHOOL, HEALTH CARE UNIT AND AN ORPHANAGE) To render assistance to Orphaned, indigent and other less-privileged children for their subsistence, shelter, education and medical care and to establish school, Hospital & orphanage kind of social welfare institutions.

What We Do

OUR MISSION: is to see all poor/needy children in our reach to be healthy and educated. We believe that to-days child is the source of to-morrow’s strong & healthy world. Hence We started to light a lamp of education for this poor and needy children. We request every individual of this world to do something for this children no matter who you are or to which country/state you belong to please put a step forward to light a candle of education for this poor and needy children, Hence our generation to be remembered by next generation & so on …..

How Will Your Donations Help

Donation's will help the "Felicific-salve Hearts" to recruit more children to give basic needs and you will be the part of source to make FSH's Mission fulfilled. Little drops of water makes mighty ocean.