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Registered Office:

VPO-Siswa< Post office
Bihar, INDIA

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Manish Singh
Richa Singh

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Sunaina Samriddhi Foundation

Sunaina Samriddhi Foundation is dedicated to alleviate poverty by empowering the poor, and helping them to bring about positive changes in their lives by creating opportunities for the poor. We aim to set the foundation for nation building by making the downtrodden emerge as productive assets.

Who We Are

We are committed to the Millennium development goals. Our vision is to create a just, equal and peaceful society where everybody shares and cares for the poor, unprivileged and exploited people and make the world a better place to live in. Our priorities and objectives are to carry out programs and activities for Children, Youth, Men, Women, Old age and other marginalized segments of the society irrespective of their caste, creed, age, sex, color and religion, in rural, urban and tribal areas, to realize the ideals and objectives of the constitution of India in order to protect, promote and advocate human rights. We also work for the social, economic and educational upliftment of these groups and develop and conduct related trainings and orientation activities. Our earnings are re-invested in building capacities for creating a firm foundation of leadership critical mass within the broader socio-economic, local, national and global context. We also coordinate & impart training in the relevant skills (including entrepreneurship) to artisans’ and farmers’ children, and help them in setting up self-employment ventures, or to upgrade their current tools & techniques–including access to e-commerce.



We work to alleviate the suffering of individuals and families in the poorest communities through sustainable grassroots initiatives aimed at local empowerment, access to health services, and educational opportunities, in an effort to fulfill basic human rights, embracing a spirit of compassion and service to all humanity

What We Do

To inspire and empower the people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease ,social injustice and aim to achieve large scale, positive changes through interventions, vocational training, economic and social programmes that enable men and women to realize their potential.

How Will Your Donations Help

Skill Development & Entrepreneurship The majority of SSF skill initiatives are free to unemployed youths especially from disadvantaged families/communities in India to be able to realize their dreams by training programs. You can help us by: Providing training kit to an unemployed youth to complete skill development training at SSF: Rs 1500.00 Reimburse a poor student training fee for three month livelihood training: Rs 600.00 Donate computers or laptops for elementary computer training (used/new) Your knowledge & time to guide disadvantged students. Education Convincing families in rural India to educate girls can be a difficult task. For families in under previliged area this task is even more difficult as parents often feel they can only spare enough money to educate on child and the son take sprecendence. However, SSF emphasizes the importance of equal access to education amongst boys and girls. To help ensure an even ratio of male and female students, SSF provides tution fees, books and a pair of clothes to girl students. Additionally, SSF volunteers visit those families in village which insist of marriage of girl stuents marriage after their 10th class to explain them the importance of educating their daughters and making them self reliant. Sponsor school fee to poor students: Rs 500.00 per month Sponsor education material to poor student (used/new) Sponsor a pair of clothes: Rs 500.00 Child and Women Empowerment Support an old woman with clothes and groceries Provide a sewing machine for women to learn tailoring & for livelihood: Rs 3000.00 Support a girl child higher education through a Bicycle: Rs 3500.00