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Registered Office:

flat no 5, 3rd floor, Laxmi Heights, Opp. swami vivekanad school, near to pwd, s.t road, dapodi, pune.
Maharashtra, INDIA

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Mobile Number :

Contact Person:

Mr Amar M Mane

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amitabha buddhist society

Amitabha Buddhist Society is one of the upcoming non profit making, Non�Government Organization (NGO). It is Registered under Bombay Public Act 1950 and our Registration No. is E-5597 (pune) dated 27/12/2010. it is also registered under Income Tax Act 1961(80G) for exempting the donations received; and Registration No. are Reg. u/s. 12AA (1) (b) : PN/CIT�I/Reg./12A (a)/300/2010-11 and Reg. u/s. 80 G : PN/CIT-I/80G/359/2010-11.

Who We Are

Nation�s youth is not our property but it is nation�s entity. Development of minds with positive, creative, persuasive approach will be possible with continuous efforts only. Quality can not be an accident. But it is the result of continues directive efforts. So ABS will take massive efforts on the masses (youth) residing near the trust area, by way of organizing and coordinating programs time to time.



ABS has found our destination. To serve the mankind is service to God. By this small survey, we have seen a large section of poor people await for such bare minimum developments to improve their living conditions. We are committed to help them out. This is not an easy task. But with proper workout and cooperation from all sections of our society, we are sure that we will reach our destination. We belong to this society and it is our duty to help that oppressed class of our society to improve their living conditions. This is the teaching of Buddhism. Once the physical needs are satisfied, to attain Nirvana is not difficult. This is the spiritual state of mind which every human being desire to attain in the end

What We Do

Amitabha Buddhist Society knows their destination. We know what we have to achieve. Our planning and working methods are based on logical, scientific, technical, and humanitarian consideration. Many eminent personalities had stressed that unless the social standards of the of the poor in our country are improved, then only we can have a cultured society. At present there is no social value to the poor. Ignorance, illiteracy, orthodoxies, lack of skill and job opportunities prevail in the poor. These are the areas where we want to concentrate our improvement activities.In city ABS knows that on State level lots of research and experiments are done to reduce human efforts and make the living simpler. The use of solar electricity, biogas generation for cooking, rain water harvesting, use of modern methods of agriculture for increase in agricultural output, simple tools and gadgets, good sanitation system, low cost housing, Govt. schemes for various rural development activities are available. But the rural population is not aware of it. We wish to pass on this information to rural areas so that they can take the advantage of those methods to improve their living conditions.

How Will Your Donations Help

ABS therefore appeal to all donors and charitable Institutions to kindly donate generously for the above purpose, This donation will e useful for our charitable projects, and this will be useful for our national developments.