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Registered Office:

Bazar Street
Orissa, INDIA

Contact Number:

Mobile Number :

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RSIDS - Rural Small Industries Development Society

Your donations will help:
1. In propagation of IT information to rural people Rs. 5000/-
2. In propagation of environment awareness to public Rs. 2000/-
3. To implement vocational skill based training for the educated unemployed in rural areas Rs. 2500/-
4. To facilitate the person with disability a service provider Rs. 3000/-

Who we are :

  • A non-profit organization formed by the social activists and who are having experience in NGOs are come together and formed and committed to work for the achievement of the societies goals.
  • All are having common idea/to do some best work for the better of the society. All the Board of directors are respectable families and good character in the society.

History :

  • This organization was formed in the year 1994 by the social activist and render services to the needy persons in the society.
  • The organization secretary having both filed and administrative experience in implementation of the programmed at this juncture we implemented few projects with the support from Govt. and Non govt. agencies in the project area.



What we do:

To promote rural entrepreneurs person with Disability environment etc.

How will your donations help :

Your donation will help the target community of persons with Disability to get food security, women empowerment, child development in the project area. Also protect the environment in the field.