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Registered Office:

Chingamathak, 1st Floor
Electricity Building
Manipur, INDIA

Contact Number:

Telephone Number :
Mobile Number :

Contact Person:

Tayeb Ali Khan

Email Us:


All Women and Child Development

The organization is non-governmental, non-political, non-sectarian, non-domination, secular and non-profit making voluntary organization.

Who we are :

  • A non-profit organization making voluntary organizations to render service for welfare and improvement of the members and non-members of the organization.
  • It has been implementing educational training programs for the sake of bright future of rural poor children who cannot afford to come to school.

History :

  • Estd in 1993 and has been operating in all areas of Manipur state.
  • Since its inception it has been working in the fields of women and child development.
  • It has been implementing several training programs to enhance the opportunities for women.

Mission :

  • The prime objective of AWCD is to reckon on specific incentive activities and render service for the welfare of the unemployed.
  • To render service to poor women and children by providing them with all basic needs of education and employment thereby serving the community.

What we do :

  • It establishes training centers on wool-knitting, embroidery, goldsmith, carpentary, tailoring, bamboo works etc.
  • The organization implements vocational training on craft, handloom and computer training etc.
  • The organization has been taking efforts to maintain solar energy conservation to supply on small scale for domestic heating.
  • It establishes libraries for the use of members and public and provide the same with newspaper, magazine etc.
  • It takes up various programs on gardening through environmental education, national integration, road savetic and exhibition etc.

How will your donations help :

Your donations will help:
  • To sponsor computer training for 10 students either blind or with another disability for one month Rs. 2000/-
  • To contribute to buy furniture for a classroom which will help in the training of youth in slums & villages Rs. 2500/-
  • To sponsor fuel efficient stove for a poor family in Forest Hamlets Rs. 2200/-
  • To provide fees, food & accommodation for a blind person for a month computer course Rs. 1500/-
  • To provide livelihood assistance to a socially disadvantaged unorganized woman laborer by giving loan to start a small scale enterprize.