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Help - New Charities/NGOs


1. What is SimplyGive?

SimplyGive uses its Portal to connect individual and institutional donors directly to social, environmental and economic development projects in India via
Unlike a traditional foundation, SimplyGive does not directly offer grants or support.
Potential donors can browse and select from a wide offering of projects, organized by geography or by themes such as health care, the environment, and education etc,. SimplyGive markets these projects through a number of channels, including corporations, employee campaigns, Social media and direct consumer marketing partnerships. When donors come to SimplyGive, they can find and fund projects that meet their diverse interests.

2. I need financial assistance, can you help me?

SimplyGive works with pre-existing, non-profit organizations that are registered with their respective State governments to fundraise using SimplyGive's site. Unfortunately, SimplyGive does not provide financial assistance to individuals, regardless of the financial need.

3. My project needs materials; can you donate items (computers, school supplies, etc.)?

Unfortunately, SimplyGive does not have the Logistics capability to collect and ship items on behalf of the projects posted on our site. Instead, we work with project leaders who can fundraise using our site and, using that money, purchase those same goods in their own community.