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Delight Guarantee

SimplyGive DelightGuarantee DG from AK Kundra’s Desk

Dear Donor,

I personally Guarantee you that if due to any reasons you are not delighted with the Donation you made, then your donated amount will, under following conditions :

What if I'm not satisfied with my donation?

SimplyGive DelightGuarantee is a path-breaking program that guarantees SimplyGive online donors a Simply Delighting experience. The guarantee is the first program of its kind in India and covers contributions up to Rs 50,000.
SimplyGive DelightGuarantee is a way to increase accountability to donors, strengthen our own responsiveness, and create a critical feedback loop to find out more about what our donors want.

How It Works

Any donor who makes an online contribution at and is not satisfied with their experience may invoke the guarantee by email. Subsequently SimplyGive will refund the donation in the form of a gift certificate equal to the value of the original donation, which the donor can contribute to a different project on the site. The DelightGuarantee can be activated at any time within a year after the original donation has been made, up to Rs 50,000 per year, per donor.
Anyone making an online donation can take advantage of the DelightGuarantee. However, employees and their immediate families, SimplyGive Board members, NGOs / Charities, staff of project organizations, board members of those organizations and the family members of these persons are not eligible.

Why a Voucher vs. Cash Back?

For legal reasons, SimplyGive must award a voucher, instead of cash back, to any donor invoking the guarantee. Here's why: For a donor to receive the benefit of a tax deduction, the IT Rules in India require there be a clear transfer of "control and discretion" of the funds to SimplyGive.
Further, once a donor has claimed tax deductibility, "reversing" it is problematic, particularly if the donation is made in one year and the guarantee is called in the following year. For these reasons, we are issuing a voucher equal to the amount of the original donation.
We will continue to monitor the laws and regulations with a view towards making SimplyGive DelightGuarantee the most encompassing possible.
Yours in compassion

Anil Kundra