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Registered Office:

Vijayapuri Colony
Uppal, Hyderabad
Andhra Pradesh , India
ZIP - 500039
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

Contact Number:

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Contact Person:

D. Vijaya Rao

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Child Action Rural Development Society

CARDS aims at utilizing the scientific methods of social work for problem identification, problem solving and problem prevention for the multifaceted development of children, youth and women who are at a disadvantage. It’s focus is on the interactions between the children, youth and women and systems in their social environment by helping them to obtain the resources, services and opportunities they need to realize their aspirations and to help them cope with their life tasks. It is a Non-Governmental organization registered under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act 35 of 2001.

Who We Are

Child Action Rural Development Society (CARDS) is a grass root non-profit, non-governmental organization registered in the year 2003 to work for the welfare and development of weaker sections and disadvantaged groups in the society. It is formed promote and enhance sustainable rural, tribal and urban development and to create opportunities to the vulnerable and disadvantage sections of the community in order to enhance their socio-economic status. CARDS believes in the integrated approach, participatory planning, demonstration, exposure visits, empowerment and capacity building for the project implementations considering the community decision as final.



Rescue and Rehabilitate Street Children We rescue and rehabilitate Street children, who come from homes where: they were victimized by neglect and drug exposed children or by unspeakable physical, sexual or emotional abuse, caught up in a family crisis, dysfunction or turmoil, abandoned or orphaned, or by their parents/guardians could not care for them, for any number of reasons. Our goal is to restore the emotional and physical well being of children through an array of services in a loving and nurturing environment by providing basic necessities of life like Food & Clothing, Shelter, health care, Formal and Non-Formal Education, Repatriation, Vocational Training and Counseling for Street Children. Education CARDS aim is to provide basic literacy for empowering every individual Child of the rural unreached downtrodden marginalized communities of the society. We are serving with functional literacy and streamlining them towards regular education with an understanding of their basic rights and responsibilities, enabling their socio-economic and cultural development, and to universalize primary education in the rural areas. Skills like reading, writing, General Knowledge, functional skills to maintain themselves and manage their surroundings will be imparted in the day time by the Teacher. Health Promotion Programmes We have been conducting Medical Camps program aiming at health needs of Men, women and children, catering the health services to thousands of people in and around Guntur District’s unreached Rural areas and slums for free of cost, and also sensitizing about eradication of child marriages, controlling of maternal and child deaths, cent percent coverage of immunization to children, family planning norms, educating the women to join the hospital for safe deliveries and counseling on HIV/AIDS Awareness, referral services to these illiterate rural and slum dwellers on the importance of health and hygiene. HIV/AIDS Community preparedness and social mobilization “Join the Moment” Create A Generation Free of HIV “Sometimes in life there is that moment when it’s possible to make a change for better. This is one of those moments”- Elizabeth Glaser, 1947-1994 CARDS seeks to prevent HIV/ AIDS infection and to eradicate HIV/ AIDS through advocacy, prevention and treatment programs for their local population. CARDS has conducted Public information campaigns to raise community awareness about HIV/AIDS; promote the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS and the benefits of knowing and disclosing one’s HIV status; and provide information about the available services for HIV testing, prevention, care and support. "If we can share our wisdom, our light, our love in the smallest ways - I know the world will be a better place. If we are not afraid to touch each other's lives, hope will be our strength and love our prize." Vocational Training Our Vocational Training Center for the poor and downtrodden community is strengthening the capacities of illiterates and Semi educated women, widows and girls to effectively, responsibly and sustainably contribute to their families. This Vocational Center imparts specialized skills and knowledge essential for successful economic activities by people engaged in dependent employment, self-employment or subsistence work. This center also operates as counseling center for Career guidance center for Youth and a Key Resource Center for the native people. Trainings provided to them are; • Skill and Crafts, Toy Making, Candle making etc. • Gender sensitivity training to SHG leaders. • Training on personality development and communication skills to young women. • Awareness on healthy food • Awareness on Cleanliness, Sanitation, Hygiene and using Toilets. • Computer DTP (Desk top Publishing) works • Tailoring, Embroidery, Dress making and Cloth Merchandising • Vegetable selling, Flower selling and kitchen gardens etc. • Photography and video making • Leaf plates (for eating) making • Pickle (food item) making. • Milk vending & cattle rearing.

What We Do

Our mission is to Alleviate Poverty Promoting and Working with the Communities, Strengthening the Resource Base and Enhancing Their Capabilities in Social, Economical, Technical and Environmental Areas, Through Indigenous Knowledge and Skills with Sustainable and Participatory Approaches as a Resource Base Knowledge Centre.

How Will Your Donations Help

Donations will help us to feed the children, educate for their brighter future, clothing, Medical and shelter