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Corporate Giving / Philanthropy Giving

Many companies support community-based programs that improve health and well-being.
Your company can choose from 180 respected community partners registered with SimplyGive who will show you where your giving can help the most. You listen to them, visit them at their project sites and learn from them so that the programs your company supports make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

  • Together with our partners, your company will be helping mothers and infants survive childbirth.
  • You will be supporting doctors, nurses and local leaders as they work to provide the best medical care to their people.
  • Your company can educate communities on how to reduce their risk of infection from preventable diseases. And many more causes like disability ( autism, cerebral palsy, Physically handicapped, Visually impaired, Hearing impaired to name a few), education of children of sex workers, Environment groups, climate change, elderly care, women empowerment, Empowerment & Livelihoods, saving and improving lives etc.

The desire to make people healthier and safer can be at the heart of your Company’s giving. All our NGO /Charity partners are vetted for credibility and transparency by us for you. Grow your brand, delight your customers, and support good causes. Integrating giving into your business has never been so easy.

If you too are interested in supporting us through cause related marketing or are interested in corporate project funding, then please get in touch with


Anil Kundra
Phone: 9849884321