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Help - for Individuals/Donors

Making A Donation
1. Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes. All projects on have been pre-qualified for the relevant Tax Exemptions & donations go through the SimplyGive Foundation , the Fundraising Division of CFA Society which is an NPO registered in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India vide # 597/2009.
2. What are the methods of payment?
SimplyGive currently accepts credit/debit cards, checks, bank wire transfers.
To pay by credit/debit card, click "SimplyGive Now" and enter your information accordingly through our secure server.
Checks should be made payable to CFA Society or The SimplyGive Foundation. The project ID should be written in the memo field. Mail all checks to :
Simply Give Foundation
Fundraising Division of CFA Society(an NPO)
5A 1st Floor, VIKRAMPURI
Secunderbad - 500009 AP
Andhra Pradesh, India
For more information on wire transfers, email :
3. How do I know my donation is secure?
All credit card donations are collected through VeriSign, a secure third party whom we hire for this purpose, and HDFC BANK, also a highly secure third-party payment system. Because all transactions go through third parties, SimplyGive does not receive or retain credit card numbers. Further, we will never release your personal information to any outside party unless authorized to do so.
All donations made through HDFC BANK, a leader in online payments, are kept private over their secure network. To learn more about HDFC BANK click the button.
4. Does SimplyGive charge a fee?
SimplyGive's 9.1% fee helps cover the costs of aggregating and vetting credible funding opportunities, presenting them on the website, and helping NGOs / Charities reach new donor audiences. This also includes the fees assessed by vendors for credit card processing. Because funds go directly to the project level, your contribution goes much further than most other international options. In addition, donors can choose to add on to their contribution to cover the fee, or have it deducted from their donation.
5. Is there a minimum donation?
Every donation can make a difference. The minimum donation is Rs 365/- on the simple premise that you donate Rs 1/- per day or as we call it, The POWER of ONE.
6. What are donation options?
Donation options illustrate the impact specific dollar amounts will have on a particular project. Many donors find that donation options help them get a tangible sense of how their contributions will be used. Keep in mind that you are not required to select a donation option -- we welcome any amount (minimum Rs 365/-); just enter your desired contribution in the box labeled "Other Amount."
Typically, NGOs / Charities use a variety of funding channels to raise funds for their projects. When you donate to a project through SimplyGive, your donation will always be directed to that project and its defined activities. However, depending on the overall amount of funds projects raise, both through SimplyGive and from other sources, NGOs / Charities pursue a combination of different value outcomes, allowing the project to deliver a complete suite of products and services to its constituents.
7. Is there any way to keep track of my donations?
When you give through SimplyGive, you will be asked for a minimal amount of information in order to create a user profile. This profile will allow you to keep track of your history, and to access project updates. In addition, all contributions made to projects through SimplyGive will be acknowledged with a receipt.
8. What if I'm not satisfied with my donation?
Through SimplyGive Guaranteed (SGG), SimplyGive promises donors complete satisfaction with all aspects of the donation process. If a donor is not satisfied with their experience, SGG will provide money back in the form of a voucher that can be used to support another project on the SimplyGive website.
Learn more about SimplyGive Guaranteed.