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"Even tomorrow when you will become rich then also ask a question to yourself - What
are you doing with your life and what you have given to Society?" - Philip Kotler

Payroll Giving made Simple!!!OPEN YOUR EYES TO WHAT WORLD IS DOING

How can you help?

Support us in ‘helping people help themselves’ by partnering with our payroll giving program.

What’s in it for you?

Payroll Giving helps your organization:

  • a) Show corporate commitment to charitable giving
  • b) Support sustainable change
  • c) Encourage employees to give back
  • d) Build a sense of team spirit
  • e) Support something employees care about
  • f) Encourage employee volunteering
Our payroll giving program

We provide an opportunity for both employer and employee to contribute based on their capacity. Employees are offered the flexibility to donate a chosen sum to a cause of their choice for the duration of their choosing Companies can choose to match the total donation collected by employees, or donate a fixed amount per month on behalf of the employees.

What makes payroll giving unique?
  • a) simple, organized, tax effective
  • b) customized solutions
  • c) measurable, replicable and scalable programme
  • d) easy to set up and maintain
  • e) paperless process
  • f) low fundraising cost
How does it work?

The payroll partnership with Simply Give:

  • Step 1:  Interested employees sign up for the payroll giving announced through a presentation to employees by our SimplyGive team.
  • Step 2: Submit your form and we will do the rest. Your payroll department activates your regular donation as long as you wish.
  • Step 3: Just keep on giving! The beauty of your regular donation is that your charities/NGOs can plan for the future. If you want to amend or cancel your donation just instruct us via a simple email and we instruct your Payroll department and its cancelled with immediate effect.
What causes can our employees support?
  • a) Support one or more of the following issues: Special education for Education initiatives for the mentally & for children physically challenged, Livelihood generation, Elderly, and green initiatives in tribal belts.
  • b) Education: support classes, bridge classes, formal education, rehabilitation & education for abandoned children
  • c) Elderly care: shelter, medical assistance, clothing & food for the destitute elderly
  • d) Livelihood support: capacity building through the formation of self-help groups, financial literacy training & income generation activities Mentally & physically challenged: special education, speech therapy, physiotherapy, dental care & pre-vocational training
  • e) Sports initiatives for underprivileged children: giving children the opportunity to understand sportsmanship, team spirit & competition.
How else can we partner with SimplyGive?
  • a) Make a corpus donation
  • b) Make a general donation
  • c) Support a core issue: education, health or community development
  • d) Support our initiatives: Inter NGO sports initiatives, JoMela: NGO Job Mela
  • e) Cause Related Marketing
  • f) Support innovative fundraising such as gift schemes, painting competitions, Children’s Day events, tree plantations, and so on
  • g) Support fundraising initiatives in aid of SimplyGive such as Think for a Cause, Art for a cause.

What is 1 Hour of your Salary worth?

Could you donate one hour of your salary to a worthy cause? And your donation is Tax Free!

So Thanks and Think.. What you are doing for the society?????

If you too are interested in supporting us through PAYROLL GIVING PARTNERSHIP, or are interested in corporate project funding, then please get in touch with...


Anil Kundra
Phone: 9849884321